New Skin | Moskov "Infernal Wyrmlord" | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

31 Maret 2024, 06:30 WIB

Mark your calendars for 04/06 as ALLSTAR exclusive skin Moskov "Infernal Wyrmlord" makes its debut. Get ready for new changes and an unforgettable experience brought by the exclusive ID Tag and Stunning Special Effects! [Exclusive ID Tag] From 04/06 to 04/30, get the skin and you'll unlock an exclusive ID Tag! (Each ID Tag comes with a unique number and the Infernal Wyrmlord exclusive ID Tag will only be available during this event.) [Stunning Special Effects] Prepare to be amazed by more stunning and creative visual effects! Behold the dragon when Moskov knocks an enemy into the wall and experience the power of his dual dragons in his Ultimate! Tap on the video to see these exciting features now! #MLBBNewSkin #MLBBALLSTAR #MobileLegendsBangBang

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